We develop, produce and distribute educational animation and content about climate change, mental health and intersectional social issues. We specialise in Generation Z as a cohort, being continually tuned in to the latest conversation on social media, delivering bold, innovative, socially responsible edutainment, for GenZ by GenZ.

We are a fast and highly responsive organisation, and we are experts in everything we do: from understanding the latest digital trends, to being up to date with the international climate and social publications, we are committed to delivering our work with sustainability, excellence, inclusivity and courage.

We serve GenZ needs by understanding their intrinsic cultural values, to inspire them to navigate the issues that they deeply connect with.  We are connected to a passionate network of empowered, caring and loyal young audiences.


To give the world’s next leaders a platform to create the vision of the world they want to live in.





We operate following the principles of the Iroquois’ Seven Generations* philosophy: decisions are based on the impact they will have seven generations from now. We aim to certify as a B corporation by 2022.

Our corporate culture is against racism and opposed to the principles of white supremacy. We have a holistic approach to representing complex themes, assuming a method of intersectionality to the cultural and social context of our stories.

We are highly skilled creators who deeply care about what we do. We rely on progressive, out-of-the-box thinking to improve the approach towards a shared goal. Every project we undertake is approved by its positive impact on the broader culture, on the environment and on the financial viability.

We pursue fearless storytelling. We strive to be daring, instinctive and ambitious in our thinking and behaviour. We are motivated by team success and constantly willing to challenge our biases and cultural assumptions.

Carlotta is a tenacious creative producer with a passion for audience strategy. She founded Northforma Entertainment to write & produce original content for Generation Z. She is a Cinematography graduate with extensive experience in commercial production, having worked in organisations like Mindshare Global, The Smalls, NewsUK, Scholastic Ltd. and more.

With a background in the camera department, Amy has worked for the past 10 years in both Film and TV, with credits such as Star Wars: Rogue One (2015), Ben Wheatley’s Happy New Year and Sky’s Intergalactic (2019). Across that time, Amy has shot numerous short films, winning the Best Cinematographer Award at the European Cinematography Awards (2018).

Isabel is a producer with a 12 year track record, creating award-winning films. She produced a Cannes Dolphin winning documentary series, above the line campaigns at all sorts of price points and was a finalist for the Underwire Film Festival Best Producing Award. She has produced sustainable shoots around the world and is very passionate about the subject.

Carlotta Merzari

CCO & Founder

Isabel Steuble-Johnson

Senior Producer - Homecoming Films

Amy H C Wilson

Producer - Homecoming Films


On every production we do, we work with Albert Bafta to calculate and offset our carbon emissions caused by production activities.

As a sustainability first company, we also pledge to devolve 1% of our profits to NGOs focussed on environmental preservation through 1% for the Planet. We have a corporate goal of becoming a B Corporation by 2022. 

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Adrian has worked the best part of a decade as a mental health campaigner, educator and consultant. He has worked with various charities (notably SANE as the head of the Black Dog Campaign) as well as many corporates. Adrian's work spans many aspects of mental health and social issues and he is focussed in Creative Social Responsibility working with creative agencies, broadcasters and 3rd Sector organisations. 

Adrian Garcia Miller

Mental Health Consultant