We connect brands and young audiences to roll out highly specialised content, showcasing products and storytelling that have ongoing impact in society, while uplifting new values for an ever changing world.


We work with pioneering organisations whose activity is focussed on facilitating collective awareness and education.


We pledge to work on behalf of the Earth and of those committed to protecting it.

We spent a long time listening to the entertainment industry problems when engaging young audiences. We heard the members of the scientific and academic community struggling to get their message heard. While a certain type of content, with the environment and its social/cultural impact at the centre, urgently needed to take center stage. 

So we created a solution.





We are motivated to do a good job for the new generations to come, not only in carrying our operations with strict principles of sustainability and low environmental impact.  Every project we undertake is approved by its positive impact on the broader culture, on the environment and on the financial viability.

We donate 1% of all quarterly sales to certified NGOs operative in sustainability and climate justice. We aim to certify as a B corporation by 2022.

Our corporate culture is against racism and opposed to the principles of white supremacy. We have a holistic approach to representing complex themes, assuming a method of intersectionality to the cultural and social context of our stories.

We are an innovative & prolific creative studio that works with the most significant names in the entertainment industry and are run by a diverse and unique team of innovators, change makers and creators obsessed by the craft and motivated to generate an impact + awareness in the world.

We are highly skilled creators who deeply care about what we do. Our differentiating factor is that we rely on experts to drive the integrity of our content. We have a way of checking our unconscious biases and educating ourselves, our talent and our partners on important topics as part of our briefing and development process. As a result, we deliver the highest form of storytelling we can possibly deliver. We only settle for excellence.

We pursue fearless storytelling. We strive to be daring, instinctive and ambitious in our thinking and behaviour. We are motivated by team success and constantly willing to challenge our biases and cultural assumptions.

Our groundbreaking content is created in partnership with young and genius talent. We operate under the principles that our audience deserves the most prepared and 360º developed content available.

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  • Specialised content on climate change, sustainability, equality and mental health optimised for GenZ


  • Branded content design and video campaigns


  • Content formatting including TikTok, YouTube, Podcast, Video, Film + TV


  • Development of serial content campaigns + AFS programmes


  • Strategy and intelligence powered by strategy partners

“I know where to come for questions on Gen Z.”

- David Ball, WarnerMedia

“The GenZ sessions were fantastic and really relevant to the work we do.”


- Bex  Tennenhaus, CBBC

“We were very impressed by your creative instincts and your deep knowledge of environmental issues and passion for Gen Z.”


- Melanie Stokes, Kindle Entertainment

“It’s clear that Carlotta is a real expert, with a flair for tackling large themes and condensing them to be relevant”


- Matt Barbrook, NBCUniversal

“One of the best presentations I’ve seen.”


- Mick Heys,  IDC Future of Work

Just Cavalli FW18 Social Campaign, i-D Magazine Milano; Rex Industries

52% of European GenZ mentions climate change as the issue that matters most to them. 

68% of GenZ globally believe that changes in their behaviour has the potential to stop climate change.

82% demand accountability from commercial corporations to address and minimise their operations in relation to climate change.


On every production we do, we work with Albert Bafta to calculate and offset our carbon emissions caused by production activities.


As a sustainability first company, we also commit to devolve 1% of our sales to NGOs focussed on environmental preservation through 1% for the Planet. We have a corporate goal of becoming a B Corporation by 2022.


Carlotta is a tenacious creative producer with 8+ years experience in the film and digital industries. She founded Northforma Entertainment to write & produce original content able to bridge the gap between climate science and entertainment. She is a Cinematography graduate with extensive experience in commercial production, having worked in organisations like Mindshare Global, The Smalls, NewsUK, Scholastic Ltd. and more.


Throughout 2020, she hosted educational panels in industry events as a GenZ + audiences expert, helping executives and commissioners contextualise the current digital behaviour of young audiences, while providing frameworks to optimise the development of their content.

Carlotta Merzari, Founder + COO