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To demonstrate that bikepacking is a viable alternative to cars and planes, Vedangi will travel across the Great North Trail, on the first 800 miles off-route cycling route from the Peak District to the very top of Scotland.

The Great North Trail is an excitement packed mini-series created to normalise & pioneer a new attitude towards tourism, while educating & leading our audience by example. 

This is Vedangi, a 21 years old athlete from Pune, India. She has a relentless drive to shatter her limits, face her fears and have mad fun in the process. She is the youngest woman to have cycled the world, pedalling 29,000km in 159 days by the age 20. Today she consults other athletes and adventures by helping them plan their expeditions. In 2020, she launched her own consultancy business, called The Adventure Shed.


Together, we developed the show The Great North Trail.

Upcoming travel trends demonstrated by GenZ* show that they prioritise greener travel by land and sea, they prefer to travel for skills and self-confidence, they perceive no borders (online or offline) and they put their sustainability performance in the spotlight. 

They rely on influencers to help them navigate their choices: 45% of GenZ follow more than 50 online influencers and most of them are their peers.


*European Travel Commission, 2020

Vedangi is an outstanding character, full of drive and persistence. To us, she is the embodiment of four key themes that we know our audiences crave for: youth + female empowerment; sustainability; mindset and mental stamina; intersectional problem solving. 

Gen Z audiences are hungry for these kind of stories, and here's why:

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